introduction to python list comprehensions

When I first saw a list comprehension I simply shook my head in utter confusion, the fact is that they are actually fairly straightforward, sure you can make them more...Read more!

python course

I've been trawling the interwebz looking for a Python course I could potentially take to fast-track my learning and I came across a company called Read more!

scraping twitter and facebook shares with python

There are obviously dozens of reasons to want to see Twitter and FaceBook shares, so I have written a surprisingly simple script to do the job for me - I thought this ...Read more!

mass link duplication checker with python

I wrote this script as I was getting pissed off with Excel crashing when checking a measly 100,000 links; working with formulas, specifically VLOOKUP can be a real nig...Read more!

checking http response codes in python

I've just been trying to check for canonical issues on a sites domain and my usual tool of choice was showing response codes that I though were incorrect, it was almos...Read more!

2013 recap and 2014 goals

Wow what a year, most notable was of course getting married, after 7 years we finally did it. A small, intimate family gathering at Gretna Green; it was a fantastic da...Read more!

image manipulation with python

So having recently got married, my Mrs wanted all the wedding photos turning into grey scale, I originally planned to do this with one at a time as I thought...Read more!

keeping your desktop tidy - like a boss!

I'm still on my path to Pythonic enlightenment and today on my break I wrote a little script that I'm now going to be using to keep my desktop tidy and my files well o...Read more!

how to increase memory allocation for screaming frog

First and foremost, this isn't anything that Screaming Frog do not already document but as with everything, nobody takes the time to read the documentation, so I thoug...Read more!

how to find an xml sitemap

Not getting into anything to complex in this post but this is just a nice-to-have that you might find useful; a javascript bookmarklet that might come in handy now and...Read more!

interview with paul may of buzzstream

Today we have an interview with Paul May of the popular link building tool BuzzStream. So once again without further ado, here it is...Enjoy! (Thanks again to Paul for...Read more!

how to generate content ideas

Sometimes for a client or your company you need to come up with content ideas. To fall in line with seasonality of your niche etc you can often come up with content id...Read more!

conversion rate optimisation - sorry but you're doing it wrong

Lately, I have heard lots of talk on conversion rate optimisation, while it's nothing new, I'm seeing more and more companies jumping on board; due mainly because comp...Read more!

an interview with barry adams

Today I have the pleasure of bringing you an interview with the SEO communities "foul-mouthed contrarian" and the man behind #arnieseo, Barry Adams, so without further...Read more!

an interview with rand fishkin of moz

Rand of Moz was kind enough to agree to be interviewed, here he we talk about his blackhat days, costs of running Moz, company culture, customer loyalty and much more,...Read more!

interview with james agate of skyrocket seo

Today I'm excited to bring you an interview with James Agate of Skyrocket SEO you probably already know of James but if you don't I highly recommend you sign up for hi...Read more!

introducing the twitter vanity list

Just a quick one today. I have been using Twitter lists for a little while now and playing with how best to use them for increased engagement and as a way to help mana...Read more!

advanced meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are often over looked, even SEOmoz have theirs automated, Meta descriptions are annoying, you finish a blog post that has taken you a few days to wri...Read more!

building an automated persona on twitter for quick and dirty outreach

Using a persona for outreach purposes merely improves your chances of conversion, don't see a persona as being dishonest it's just a part of you that likes a particula...Read more!

gaming social signals - an automated twitter network

I'm tired of reading about content curation at the moment so I thought I would share a random thought and just an FYI I'm not a black hat or anything like that, I just...Read more!

best seo blogs - the ultimate recommended reading list

I thought I'd throw together some of the blogs on my regular reading list to show my appreciation as well as help broaden some peoples reading lists. I'll keep adding ...Read more!