my email finder web app

I have written a simple web app that lets you add in a website URL …

in Python - 1 min read
parse an XML sitemap with python
in Python - 1 min read
working with csv files

When working with large datasets I tend to use Python as it’s a lot faster …

in Python - 7 min read
wordpress titles to lowercase with mysql

I randomly decided I didn’t want uppercase titles anymore on my blog posts, so I …

in Code - 2 min read
if machines can do it, they should

Came across the following quote and it pretty much sums up my own thoughts so …

in Python - 1 min read
scraping twitter and facebook shares with python

There are obviously dozens of reasons to want to see Twitter and FaceBook shares, so …

in Python, SEO - 4 min read
mass link duplication checker with python

I wrote this script as I was getting pissed off with Excel crashing when checking …

in Python, SEO - 23 min read
checking http response codes in python

I’ve just been trying to check for canonical issues on a sites domain and my …

in Python - 2 min read
2013 recap and 2014 goals

Wow what a year, most notable was of course getting married, after 7 years we …

in Fun - 2 min read
image manipulation with python

So having recently got married, my Mrs wanted all the wedding photos turning into grey …

in Python - 3 min read
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