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How To Write A Rank Checker In Python

I wanted to keep track of a ranking position today so I repurposed some existing code I had and came up with something similar to the below - I have changed it to be more general but really the only difference is that it only printed to the screen if the ranking domain was the one I was interested in (it was a new page and I was testing how long it would take to rank, if at all) and it just checked the same query every 10 minutes or so.

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Rename An Image Using Python

Today I was tasked with renaming over a thousand files, this comes off the back of a recommendation to the client to rename them to be more specific to what they are, so essentially they are changed to their product name from their product code. This is a fairly standard practice and it's something worth doing, especially if your product is fairly visual, as ranking an image is a piece of cake.

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Web Scraping Out In The Wild

So I've done a little web scraping, mainly for myself, a little for work purposes but a few nights ago my wife was telling me about work and a task she had to do for one of her colleagues, basically fetching data from a website that was full of contractors information from within her industry - intrigued I took a look and thought I could probably automate this :)

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Keeping Your Desktop Tidy - Like A Boss!

I'm still on my path to Pythonic enlightenment and today on my break I wrote a little script that I'm now going to be using to keep my desktop tidy and my files well organised. Basically I'm terrible for saving my files to my desktop; not only is this messy and unorganised, it's dangerous as if my computer dies, my work might with it - so my files should be stored on the company's backed-up common drive.

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